Hi, I'm Kristina Sym.

I’m a photographer and adventurer, filled with wonder. Capturing the beauty of our world through my camera is my passion: the people, the landscapes, the cultures. 

I believe we are meant get out of the busyness and routine of life, and explore. When we explore the depths of this world, I believe we also explore ourselves.

I’m drawn to places that make me feel alive. I love big, wild, expansive places. They keep me grounded and are a reminder to connect back to my true nature.

There is also something insanely beautiful about witnessing the small moments and places that would usually pass us by in the everyday. The space between. A reminder that there is so much beauty all around us.

Photography has a way to transport us back, and connect us, to these places, moments, and feelings… even if we aren’t there ourselves.

I create photography to inspire you to explore, lean into the experiences of life, and get out of your comfort zone… even if just for a few moments during your day. Come back to your own true nature and remember that a big, bold life is possible. 

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